Buxton Point

Three Bed Apartments

Designed and built with the spirit of HOME!!

An Ideal Value for Money and Property

Buxton Point presents these superior immaculately designed homes in the heart of Mombasa. These Homes are built with a unique goal to incorporate luxury , comfort and the best value for money in this project! Accessible from the Island of Mombasa and less than 10 minutes away from the CBD, Close proximity to all social amenities; Schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, universities...this is a highly reccommended investment!

Size: 802 SQF




Square Ft





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Mordern Apartments

Modern living doesn’t have to be expensive, at Buxton Point we offer you modern apartments with amazing interior finishing that gives you complete value while remaining affordable.

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Swimming Pool

Our Olympic-sized swimming pool provides a pleasant form of exercise and pleasure to proud homeowners within the estate and refreshing moments during hot summer days.

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A state-of-the-art ECD centre will offer a conducive environment for the education of your children and give them playing space that would allow them to explore their early childhood learning experience.

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Sports Court

Sports improve community participation and to realize that we are putting up three sports pitches which will also offer an opportunity for you to stay fit and healthy.

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Community Centre

The centre will offer an opportunity to socialize, learn and connect as the Buxton Point community. This will demonstrate how we can wonderfully all work together and promote unity.

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Green patched walkways are best for morning walks/jogging and will promote equal access to all our amenities within Buxton Point.

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